Agrozone looks back on a busy and successful HortiContact 2019

Water is HOT! And Roy Imming and Rinze Noordam noticed this in the stand. 'Many gardeners who do not get good germ counts with the current disinfectant'.

says Rinze Noordam, contact person for Agrozone in the Westland, living in De Lier.


"It is worrying that it often also concerns recently, newly installed disinfectants. If you then go to 100% reuse of water, you are pumping out the diseases within the company and, as it were, poisoning yourself. '

Rinze looks back on the fair with satisfaction. "We spoke to many existing customers, but also many potential new ones. Our existing customers know what we can do for the water quality within the company.

And the potential new customers are very enthusiastic about our good results and good numbers. Our existing customers are our best advertisement! "


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