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Last summer many problems surfaced due to the drought. From Fusarium in cultivation to rainwater that was infected with plant diseases. Often these problems only come to light as soon as cultivation gets into trouble. These cultivation problems cannot always be solved by a point disinfection of the water. If the germs are added to the water after the disinfectant, it still comes to the plant. In addition, the germs can also come from an untreated stream of water. After all, rainwater is often not disinfected.

A method has been developed in Canada to trace cultivation problems at an early stage. The entire water cycle is mapped and then sampled for growth of germs and the course of dissolved oxygen. This clearly shows where the growth of certain germs begins. In places where the dissolved oxygen drops sharply, there is also pollution of the system. Organic pollution uses this oxygen to grow! With the right information, the grower can then make the right decision to tackle the problem. Moreover, you then map the improvement of the water quality with the same water scan.

At Agrozone, we believe that good irrigation water is the lifeblood of your company. Agrozone Canada has therefore developed the water scan and has already helped many companies with good irrigation water. Agrozone now also offers the Water Scan in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the first customers in the Netherlands have also been helped and we have been able to identify and solve the source of cultivation problems at several growers!

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