Water drought

Last summer there was a shortage of good quality irrigation water in many companies. Irrigation water deteriorates for various reasons. Water can become less suitable for your cultivation due to the growth of fungi, hygiene in the water system or many other causes.

Good irrigation water is the lifeblood of your company. Attention to your water pays off!

By following these tips, your company is prepared for the following dry period:

  • Check if your osmosis installation is well maintained.

    • A well-maintained osmosis installation prevents the addition of Sodium in your inlet water. An osmosis system with poor membranes allows more Sodium to pass through, so you may have to discharge water because of the high Sodium number.


With good inlet water you can reuse water longer without ascending trace elements.

  • Make sure you have enough stock, but don't let the water stand still for long.

    • Cultivation problems can arise in standing water. You often see this in the bottom layer of a water basin. In addition, the temperature of the water rises faster when the water becomes shallower. At a higher temperature, bacteria, etc. grow faster.
      So keep enough water in stock to withstand a dry period, but keep the water moving.

  • What happens to the rinsing water of your filters?

    • The rinsing water of filters contains a very high concentration of pollution. If this water ends up in your dirt-drain silo, the whole silo will be extra dirty. This increases the organic pollution in your water and you will have to use more resources to be able to reuse the water. Discharging rinse water, on the other hand, creates a residual flow of water, while you may be short in a dry period. Our advice is therefore to filter with techniques that have no rinse water flow, so that every drop can be filtered and reused!

  • Also treat rainwater with ozone

    • In practice, we have found that rainwater is also sometimes very polluted with, for example, fungi. Especially during the first rain shower after a dry period, a lot of dirt washes away from the greenhouse. In many cases, this water goes untreated to your crop!

Disinfecting water with ozone has several advantages, such as increasing the oxygen content. In addition, it provides certainty on the quality of the inlet water, even in dry periods.

  • Keep an eye on the water quality in your water system.

    • Cultivation problems can arise in several places in the water system. By taking samples throughout the entire water system, you quickly identify problems such as Pythium and Fusarium. This allows you to take the right action before your water causes cultivation problems! Agrozone has developed the Water Scan to detect these problems.


It is good to know that 100% reuse with ozone is quite possible! Our customers and WUR have already tested this extensively.

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