Odor control with ozone

Odor control in drains and extraction systems is one of the simplest techniques at the moment. Ozone dosing takes place directly in the drain, so that no additional installation components are usually required. This makes it applicable to almost any existing installation. Odor control with ozone can be applied in various sectors where you want to control the odor.

Benefits of ozone dosage

Ozone can be easily applied by adding it in a dosed manner to the air flow to be treated. It is not necessary to place additional filters, such as activated carbon filters. Problems of clogged filters and deposits on installed purification equipment are a thing of the past thanks to ozone technology. Agrozone can determine for you exactly which purification yields you can expect based on a GCMS analysis .

Some references:

  • Intersnack

  • Nive,

  • Interovo,

  • Kervalis,

  • IFF

  • Sterckx

  • Gosschalk

Examples of applications:

  • Nut roasters

  • Fish smokehouses

  • Fish processing

  • Potato factories

  • Meat smokehouses

  • Bakeries

  • Drying installations

  • Manure processors

  • Intensive livestock farming

What is ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a natural, highly oxidative gas, which is created from oxygen under the influence of high voltage or high-frequency UV light.

Ozone is widely used for air purification and odor control. In air purification, fungi and bacteria present in the air are combated. With odor reduction, ozone oxidizes the odor molecule. The odor molecule is therefore not 'packaged' but destroyed.


How does ozone work?

When ozone comes into contact with an odor molecule or a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), an oxygen atom reacts with an odor molecule and oxidizes into harmless and non-fragrant substances, mainly containing CO2 and H2O. As a result of this reaction, only an oxygen molecule remains of the ozone. This makes ozone a non-chemical, environmentally friendly system without harmful residues.



Agrozone has more than twenty years of experience in industrial ozone installations for air purification, odor reduction and water purification.

Peanut bakery

Egg processing

Egg processing

Slaughterhouse waste processing

Fragrance storage



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