About Agrozone

Agrozone is your specialist for (re) use of water in horticulture and industry.
Our vision is to develop solutions based on the problem of our clients.

We do this on the basis of 30 years of experience in ozone and already 10 years of experience in horticulture.

We develop and produce all our products ourselves from a historic company building located in Loenen Gld.

Thanks to our own R&D department and automation, we continuously work on the development of new products and we continuously test new applications.


After former owner Cees de Haan was active in the industrial sector for 15 years and was market leader in legionella control in cooling towers with ozone, he was ready for a new challenge in 2008.
Agrozone became the name for a new company that focuses on developing residue-free disinfection techniques to reduce the use of chemicals, pesticides and medicines in society.
Within Agrozone, this objective is pursued by all employees as a mission.
Our innovative techniques give many entrepreneurs the opportunity to do business sustainably, to make a major contribution to the environment and to human safety.


The innovative solutions developed by Agrozone have found their way into a variety of sectors.


Due to Agrozone's successes, its systems are now exported all over the world, from Scandinavian countries to Russia and from South Africa to USA / Canada.

Our team

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Our partners

Agrozone likes to seek cooperation with its partners to carefully implement our systems within your company. Together with our partners, we ensure that a properly functioning installation is delivered.


Agrozone is a young and fast growing company that offers environmentally friendly, innovative solutions in the field of air and water purification using ozone. Agrozone is a very customer-oriented company that develops standard and customer-specific solutions for its customers. With approximately 20 employees, we design, sell, produce and maintain these systems that are used worldwide in agricultural and industrial sectors. Agrozone is located in Loenen on the Veluwe.

Agrozone is looking for a maintenance technician for Water Technology

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About Agrozone

Passion for water and air quality

Passion for sustainability

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