Are you dealing with fungi in the air, your greenhouse or during the storage of your product?

Ozone stops the sporulation of fungi, this can be done in your greenhouse or during the (long) storage of products.

Companies are increasingly looking for alternative, cost-efficient, non-chemical solutions to reduce mold pressure.


Ozone is used worldwide for the storage of table grapes to chicory roots, from (soft) fruit to flower bulbs and cut flowers to bread and cheese.


The photos below show the differences due to ozone treatment on bulbs and strawberries from the same batch.



Agrozone has developed various systems for this, look at our products to find the one that best suits your specific situation.
















Ozone stops the spread of fungi

The dosing of ozone in the greenhouse reduces the mold pressure by 50%.

The Kas Dosing Module is an extension to the Hortizone and the Aqualine from Agrozone.


Purify the air naturally using ozone

Air treatment

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