The ultimate solution for bulb cultivation and arable farming: ozone technology from Agrozone

In bulb cultivation and arable farming, a successful harvest and its subsequent storage are dependent on many factors. The quality of the surrounding air plays a very important role. Air quality can be greatly improved with the natural gas ozone.

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The many benefits of ozone

Tackle your losses with ozone

Conditioning the air within food processing and storage spaces is the key to a successful business. Ozone purifies the air and removes undesirable substances, such as ethylene. Agrozone is able to control and monitor natural and safe low ozone concentrations, giving you a guarantee of a clean and safe working environment.

Solar: affordable and sustainable

The purifying effect of ozone has been recognised for many years. It is used in areas such as the processing and storage of products like food and flower bulbs. Ozone (O3) is a natural gas composed entirely of oxygen (O₂). This molecule comprises three oxygen atoms, making it richer in oxygen than O₂.

Ozone is ideally suited by oxidising unwanted substances originating from stored products, such as ethylene gas. The outcome is improved air quality. The following is a brief explanation of what ozone can do for your arable farm business.


Ozone solutions for bulb cultivation and arable farming

Water and/or air purification on your arable farm are carried out as follows:

  1. In a technical room, we install a system comprising an oxygen concentrator and an ozone generator.
  2. A compressor is then used to supply compressed-air to the system where pure oxygen (O2) is produced by the oxygen generator.
  3. The oxygen is then supplied to the ozone generator where an additional oxygen atom is added to the oxygen, thereby creating ozone (O3).
  4. We add ozone to the water/air to be treated.
  5. Once in the water and/or air, the ozone molecule attempts to convert to an oxygen molecule as quickly as possible. This causes oxidation, which purifies the water and/or air.

Additional benefit of ozone

Results from research carried out by Agrozone and the University of Wageningen have shown that ozone (O₃) also increases crop volume in cultivation. As the water is richer in oxygen, crops appear to be better nourished, leading to a more vital crop and a richer harvest.

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