Sustainable solutions for greenhouse horticulture

Businesses operating in greenhouse horticulture know that there are a number of different factors that can make the difference between success and failure. These are factors that we have often struggled to master for decades. Your crop depends on nutrition, air, light and attention. In addition, hygiene also has an important role to play in reaching maximum efficiency.

What is the quality of your water system?
Do the water scan
Up to 100% recycled water!

Water that is unhealthy and low in oxygen is disastrous for greenhouse cultivation.

At some point in time, we have all had to cope with deteriorating water quality which results in the unwanted discharge of water and an unnoticed loss of efficiency in production. Agrozone’s technologies help to condition your water!

With an increase in yield per m2 of up to 30%
Higher quality water improves yield and reduces waste.
Up to 100% recycled water
100% recycling of water for an emission-free greenhouse.
Cost savings accomplished
Reduced labor costs, failure costs and a reduction in the application of chemistry

Legislation demands a sustainable solution

Since 2018, horticultural businesses have been banned from discharging wastewater into public bodies of water. This has caused emission-free cultivation to become the norm and requires a closed water circuit. This means that water that is stored after use for cultivation must be treated before reuse. We have been doing this for many years with our oxygen and ozone technologies. How do they work? Let us explain!

Ozone solutions
for greenhouse horticulture

Agrozone has a number of ozone applications that are suitable for your greenhouse horticulture business. Water treatment technology using ozone (O₃) works as follows:

  1. We install a system in the water treatment room that includes an oxygen concentrator and an ozone generator.
  2. A compressor is then used to supply compressed-air to the system where pure oxygen (O₂) is produced by the oxygen generator.
  3. The oxygen is then supplied to the ozone generator where an additional oxygen atom is added to the oxygen, thereby creating ozone (O₃).
  4. We add ozone (O₃) to the water to be treated.
  5. Once in the water, the ozone molecule attempts to convert to an oxygen molecule as quickly as possible. This causes oxidation, which purifies the water.

The advantage of ozone

There is an additional benefit in to the cleaning effect of ozone: as additional oxygen is added to the water, the irrigation water is more nutritious than ever. The crop reaps the benefits of this added nutrition, giving rise to a more vital crop and a richer harvest. Ozone consequently accelerates your growth!

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