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We are a medium-sized, technically innovative company that can boast more than 30 years of experience in water and air technology as well as the completion of hundreds of systems. We are part of a larger group that focuses on consulting, achieving, financing, maintaining and monitoring technical solutions designed to improve cultivation.

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Our mission is to improve quality within your business by using and monitoring innovative technologies relating to water and air treatment.

Our vision is to develop solutions based on the problems experienced by our customers. We do this on the basis of 30 years of experience in ozone, water and air technologies.

In our historic business premises in Loenen, Gelderland and our office in Dordrecht, we develop and manufacture our products ourselves.

Thanks to an in-house R&D department and automation, we work continuously to develop new products and keep testing new applications.

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Knowledge brought together!

Market demand from the agricultural industry for air and water treatment innovations are what led Agrozone to start its operations back in 2008. This resulted in pooled (ozone) knowledge from Cees de Haan and Art Lobs.

The new company became known as Agrozone, a business focused on developing residue-free technologies designed to reduce the use of chemicals in the environment and improve the quality of your cultivation.

All employees at Agrozone pursue this goal as a mission.

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Innovative solutions

The innovative solutions developed by Agrozone have found their way into a number of different industries.

Due to its success, Agrozone’s systems are now exported around the world, from Scandinavia to Eastern Europe and from South Africa to the USA and Canada.

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CO₂ Performance Ladder

Agrozone realises that it is impossible to prevent CO₂ from being emitted by its projects, but that there is still a responsibility to reduce emissions to the fullest extent possible. To this end, Agrozone, under the flag of Aurora Holding, has put together a portfolio showing the CO₂ footprint and an inventory of reduction options.

CO₂ performance ladder, footprint 2021
CO₂ performance ladder, footprint 2020
Portfolio CO₂ performance ladder, Aurora Holding B.V. 2021
Reduction options 2021 - 2025
Innovation 2021


CO₂ certificate
VCA** certificate
ISO9001 certificate

We are your specialist for the (re)use of water and air in agriculture and industry.

Werner van Mullekom
Account manager, greenhouse horticulture/export
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Roy Imming
Account manager, arable farming/flower bulbs
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