Air Treatment

Purify the air naturally with the aid of ozone.

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"Cleaner air reduces your losses"

Agrozone is the specialist in air quality during storage of food, agricultural and horticultural products. The cleaner the air, the better the product will be preserved and protected. The air quality in your storage area has a significant impact on the quality of your product. Treatment with ozone has proven its effectiveness – ozone is a tool for maximum possible efficiency.

Ozone in the air, sustainable and effective

Businesses are increasingly looking for alternative, cost-efficient, non-chemical solutions. There is legislation, but also ambition and sustainable enterprise. Sustainable enterprise is thus becoming the norm. Ozone in the air in storage areas is a highly sustainable solution.

Ozone is used all over the world as a form of air purification for storage areas, from table grapes to chicory roots, from (soft) fruit to flower bulbs and from cut flowers to bread and cheese. It is also used by:

  • Exotic fruit traders
  • Tomato, pepper, cucumber, etc. traders and processors
  • Meat processors
  • Mushroom, onion, etc. processors

Agrozone has varioussystems for air treatment:

Agrozone has developed various systems, including the Multisplit. This system helps to prevent failure in storage areas.

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Air Treatment by Agrozone:

Why use ozone?
How does ozone purify the air?

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