Ozone treatment of your room through measurement and control, this is what the Multisplit was developed for. The Multisplit system is an intelligent solution for the individual treatment of several rooms.

Purifying the air with ozone: Agrozone does it

The Multisplit from Agrozone 

Our Multisplit system makes it possible to accurately and safely control and monitor the ozone level per room, for example, storage cells of fruit, flower bulbs and other agricultural products.

Ozone in the air is safe

Ozone as air purification with natural ozone values is safe to use in rooms. This air purification provides cleaner air in your spaces, reducing your losses. We do this at:

  • Fruit storage cells
  • Storage areas for flower bulbs
  • Storage cells for potatoes, onions, asparagus, etc.
  • Storage cells of vegetables (think tomato)

Applying ozone in the air

Ozonation of the space is possible in (almost) all cases. Nor does the size of the cell matter. The required ozone capacity is calculated according to the type of cell, its use and size.

Here it does not matter whether it is ventilated with outside air, whether it is hot storage or whether it is a cold or freezer cell, ULO or CA cell.

Why choose the Multisplit from Agrozone

If you store many goods under different conditions, keeping products fresh in a controlled manner is a challenge. One product thrives at room temperature, while another needs to be refrigerated. To maintain these conditions, ozone is the answer.

Briefly about our applications:

Water Treatment
Air Treatment
Odor control
Purifying the air with ozone: Agrozone does it
  • Measures and controls ozone level in multiple cold rooms/rooms simultaneously
  • Set different recipes per cell
  • Safe at natural levels

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