Ozone treatment of your storage area through measurement and control – that’s why the Multisplit was developed. The Multisplit system is an intelligent solution for treating multiple storage areas individually.

Air purification with ozone: Agrozone does it

The Multisplit from Agrozone 

Our Multisplit system allows you to accurately and safely control and monitor the ozone level in each area such as storage units for fruit, flower bulbs and other agricultural products.

Ozone in the air is safe

Ozone as an air purifier with natural ozone values is safe to use in storage areas. This form of air purification helps to ensure cleaner air in your storage areas and reduce loss. We do this for:

  • Fruit storage units
  • Flower bulb storage units
  • Potato, onion, asparagus, etc. storage units
  • Vegetable storage units (e.g. tomatoes)

Apply ozone in the air

Ozonisation of a storage area is possible in (almost) all cases. The size of the unit is not important. The ozone capacity required is calculated according to the type of unit, its use and its size.

It does not matter whether it is ventilated with outside air, whether it is a hot storage unit, cold store or deep-freeze cell, ULO or CA cell.

Why opt for Multisplit from Agrozone?

If you store a diverse range of goods under different conditions, keeping products fresh in a controlled manner can be a challenge. Certain products thrive at room temperature, while others need to be refrigerated to last. Ozone offers the ideal solution to help maintain the ideal conditions.

Our applications at a glance:

Water Treatment
Air Treatment
Odour control
Air purification with ozone: Agrozone does it
  • Measure and control the ozone level in multiple cold stores/areas simultaneously
  • Set different configurations for each unit/area
  • Safe at natural levels

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