Odour control

Treat your air with ozone and prevent odour nuisance.

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Odour control with ozone.

Odour nuisance in the working environment or to the outside world is not good for anyone. Odour control in drains and extraction systems is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to tackle odours. Ozone dosing takes place in the drain itself, which in most cases is sufficient to eliminate the need for additional installation components. This means that it can be used on virtually any existing system. Odour control with ozone can be used in a variety of industries.

Industry examples:
  • Nut roasters
  • Fish smokehouses
  • Fish processing
  • Potato plants
  • Meat smokehouses
  • Bakeries
  • Drying Plants
  • Manure processors
  • Intensive livestock farming
  • Egg shell dryers

Benefits of odour control with ozone

Ozone is easy to apply and is dosed into the air stream being treated. There is no need to install additional filters such as activated carbon filters. With ozone technology, problems such as clogged filters and precipitation on installed purification equipment are a thing of the past. By carrying out a GCMS analysis, Agrozone can determine precisely what purification efficiency you can expect.

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"In hindsight, we could have saved ourselves a lot of money by installing this system sooner. If we had, we wouldn’t have had to do anything with the chimney either."
Hans Verheul - Director of C.A.V.V.

About Agrozone

Agrozone has more than 20 years of experience in industrial ozone systems for air purification, odour reduction and water purification. Ozone is used by Agrozone in three ways:

  • Via the water
  • Via the air
  • As an odour control mechanism

Because ozone is a strong oxidant, it also works to tackle fungi and viruses. With this in mind, our applications are also often used in agricultural industries such as greenhouse horticulture and arable farming.

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