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What can ozone do for you?

As an agricultural business, you are always on the lookout for solutions to help you grow more, better and more sustainably.

And solutions usually cost time, energy and money. Thanks to increasing demand for reuse of water, there is greater ambition to improve water quality with as few consumables--such as energy, fertilisers and water-as possible. This makes ozone a very appealing option, and it can be applied in several ways. Studies conducted by renowned laboratories have shown that ozone is extremely effective at improving water quality and increasing hygiene. We monitor water quality by means of a water monitoring option whereby the system is periodically logged and the water is examined.

Why use ozone in your water?

By 2027, discharging water (residue) will no longer be permitted, which will mean that you have to hold onto it. Unless the water is reused of course. There are a number of solutions for this, but the most sustainable and effective is the use of ozone in the water.

Ozone (O3) is a natural gas that is produced on site using oxygen. Amongst other things, ozone is used to:

  • Purify drinking water
  • Oxidise drug residues from water
  • Control legionella in industrial water streams
  • Reuse/decontaminate/recirculate supply water
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How does ozone purify your water?

​When the ozone generator adds ozone to the water, that ozone attempts to convert to O2 as quickly as possible. This causes oxidation, resulting in oxygen-rich water. An additional benefit is that the roots of the crop are fed with even purer water, which has a positive, booster effect on cultivation.

In addition, research by Wageningen University has shown that fungi and viruses are also greatly reduced.

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What is the effect of ozone in water?

Once ozone has targeted organic impurities in your water, it reverts back to oxygen – air in the form used by plant roots and humans, O2. Treatment with ozone is thus a safe, residue-free way of purifying and improving water. The dissolved-oxygen level in the water can increase to as much as 300% to 400%.

An increased oxygen level helps produce a resilient crop, a healthy root environment, stimulate nutrient absorption and thus produce higher crop yields. To produce ozone, systems from Agrozone need only compressed-air and electricity.

Agrozone has a number of systems available for water treatment:

"We can be sure that the water we give to the plants is free of virus and that gives us confidence."
Lucas Aertsen - Site Manager Den Berk Delice

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