Looking for a way to apply ozone treatment in your company? And are you working with huge amounts of water? Then sound water management is crucial. The chance of polluted water is high, especially when water stands still for a long time. The temperature of the water can also play a role. Agrozone has an ozone solution for both small and large quantities of water: The Agrozone Aqualine. For example, do you work with an ebb and flow system? Then the Aqualine is an extremely suitable addition to your water management system.

Agrozone Aqualine: ozone treatment for large volumes of water

Continuous ozone treatments in the water

Aqualine systems are designed for continuous treatment of water. This can be done in-line or recirculating over a storage tank or silo. The Aqualine system is a complete ready-to-use ozone system, equipped with all the essentials for an efficient and safe process. The Aqualine system keeps your water oxygenated and clean, so you no longer have to worry about your water quality. The oxygen level of ozone-treated water increases up to 300%. Ozone treatment is also good for cultivation. Tests in a test greenhouse have shown that the crop produces more produce after ozone treatment.

Why the Aqualine is essential for your business

Many growers work with concrete floors and often with an ebb and flow system. This is very convenient, because large masses of water are quickly supplied and drained. As the water drains, the crop gives a lot away. Potting soil, leaves are still manageable. If unwanted substances are carried along, it is more annoying. Then it is convenient if there is a purification step when reusing the water. Ozone removes the unwanted substances directly and optimizes water quality.

What else can the Aqualine be used for?

As mentioned earlier, the ebb and flow system is ideally suited for the use of Aqualine. Agrozone has already successfully applied the Aqualine to:

  • Ebb and flow systems
  • Drainwater treatment
  • Raise T10
  • Oxygen increase
  • Rainwater silos

Briefly about our applications:

Water Treatment
Air Treatment
Odor control
Agrozone Aqualine: ozone treatment for large volumes of water
  • In-line water treatment
  • Custom system
  • Increase oxygen
  • Ideal for ebb and flow systems

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