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Water is of vital importance to your business, as is testing the quality of that water. Every living organism needs water – sadly, even those living organisms that you do not want. Stationary water is a particular hotbed for everything that you want to avoid in your water. To test the quality of your water, Agrozone has developed the water scan. Agrozone’s water scan gives you a clear picture of the hygiene and the quality of your entire water system.

Water quality testing at your site? Do Agrozone’s water scan

Testing your water quality: here's how Agrozone goes about it

With the water scan, all water flows in your company are analyzed. This gives you a good overview of the total picture. So we look not only at the sanitizer, but at the entire water circuit. From the silo to the crop: we test the water quality throughout the farm. What water quality do you water your crop with? So Agrozone tests that too. You do a water scan because:

  • You want to know the quality of the water that reaches the crop
  • You want to know the quality of the water that is returned after irrigation
  • You want a means of preventive identification so that you can take action against possible contamination

Testing your water quality: the first step to sustainable watering

With agricultural businesses facing increasing environmental requirements, there is an ongoing quest for solutions. With effect from 2027, it will be illegal to discharge drain water. Circular cultivation in a closed water circuit will then be the only option for feeding crops. This will put even greater pressure on the quality of your water, as it will need to be reused. Ensuring that the quality of your water is just right will thus be essential. Agrozone will compile a report and advise on the measures that contribute to the quality of the water.

​The quality of your water depends on a number of factors.

That which happens under your glass can be controlled to some extent. What we have less control over, however, are outside factors. In recent years, we have increasingly experienced dry summers in the Netherlands. Rain after drought usually results in an algae explosion. Water becomes contaminated earlier and thus becomes unusable for the crop. It is therefore important to also test the water quality in silos. By deploying Agrozone's Water Scan, you will gain insight into the water quality of your total water system.

Our applications at a glance:

Water Treatment
Air Treatment
Odour control
Water scan
Water quality testing at your site? Do Agrozone’s water scan
  • Maps the hygiene of your water system
  • Helps you to identify the cause of cultivation problems
  • Advice on improving water quality

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