Water treated with ozone AND the option to treat wastewater with the BZG option are best accomplished with the Hortizone. The Hortizone is a smart for solution for disinfecting water and removing pesticides from your water in accordance with BZG standards. Numerous studies have been carried out and show that treatment with ozone removes fungi and viruses. In addition, ozone also helps to make a difference to crop health.

The best ozone treatment with BZG option for your crop? The Hortizone

The benefits of the Hortizone at a glance:

  • With the Hortizone, you can discharge water in accordance with BZG standards
  • Increase the oxygen content of your irrigation water by 300% - 400%
  • Encourage root development, a supplement to resilient cultivation
  • Encourage nutrient absorption and thus increase crop yields
  • Redox-based regulation and water treatment when decontaminating per ‘batch tank’
  • Prevention of biofilm due to increased oxygen content
  • No additives/chemical additives needed for decontamination (such as hydrogen peroxide)
  • The Hortizone uses only compressed-air and electricity
  • Removal of dead matter from the water, thus preventing the accumulation of dead organic load
  • Reduced consumption of hydrogen peroxide when compared to other decontamination techniques
  • Removal of dissolved organic load, such as root exudates and other growth inhibitors
  • The option of silo treatment, regulated by redox and/or oxygen
  • Low power consumption and minimal maintenance costs
"High-quality water is essential for your crop. Enrich your water – and your crop – with ozone."

Our applications at a glance:

Water Treatment
Air Treatment
Odour control
The best ozone treatment with BZG option for your crop? The Hortizone
  • Decontaminate water (1.5 to 40m3 per hour)
  • BZG-certified discharge
  • Increase oxygen
  • Break down specific substances

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