Ozone treatment of the water AND the ability to treat the wastewater using the BZG option, this is best done with the Hortizone. The Hortizone is an intelligent solution for disinfecting water and removing pesticides in your water according to BZG standards. Various studies have shown that ozone treatment removes fungi and viruses. In addition, ozone makes a substantial contribution to the health of the crop.

The best ozone treatment with BZG option for your crop? The Hortizone

All the advantages of the Hortizone at a glance:

  • The Hortizone allows you to discharge water according to BZG legislation
  • Increase the oxygen content of your pouring water, up to 300-400%
  • Stimulation of root development, complement to resilient cultivation
  • Stimulation of nutrient uptake, thereby increasing crop yields
  • Regulation based on redox and treats water upon disinfection by 'batch tank'
  • Prevention of biofilm due to increased oxygen number
  • No additives/ chemical additives necessary for disinfection such as hydrogen peroxide.
  • The Hortizone uses only compressed air and electricity
  • Removal of dead matter from the water, thus preventing accumulation of dead organic load
  • Reduced consumption of hydrogen peroxide compared to other decontamination techniques
  • Removal of dissolved organic load, e.g., root exudates and other growth inhibitors
  • The possibility of silo treatment, regulated on redox and/or on oxygen
  • Low power consumption and low maintenance cost
"Good water is essential for your cultivation. Enrich your water, and therefore your cultivation with ozone."

Briefly about our applications:

Water Treatment
Air Treatment
Odor control
The best ozone treatment with BZG option for your crop? The Hortizone
  • Water disinfection (1.5 to 40m3 per hour)
  • BZG certified discharge
  • Increase oxygen
  • Breaking down specific resources

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