How will ozone help to improve the quality of your water? As an agricultural business, you are always looking for the maximum possible quality. Your goal is perfect products from your crop. In addition to your knowledge of the product, this also includes the best materials. With the Multisilo system from Agrozone, you can be certain that you are getting the very best available for your crop irrigation. You can enjoy the very best water quality if you keep a constant check on your irrigation water.

Multisilo system from Agrozone for the best irrigation water quality

Ozone in the water makes contaminated water silos a thing of the past

Every agricultural business needs water to feed its crops. A lot of water, in fact, which is stored in silos. Inside these silos, the water is usually stationary. Stagnant water is a hotbed for unwanted substances and algae – something you want to avoid in your irrigation water. The Multisilo system, combined with the ozone generator, helps to improve the quality of your irrigation water. In addition, ozone helps to enrich the water with oxygen which will benefit your crop.

​How does ozone in the water work with the Multisilo system?  

You can ensure that you always have a supply of high-quality irrigation water by recirculating your ozone system through your silos. This will keep the water moving and treat it to prevent the occurrence of unwanted plant diseases. Re-contamination of your silos will also become a thing of the past, and you can be sure that you’ll always have ample high-quality water in stock. Your irrigation water remains clean and rich in oxygen!

Expansion of the Multisilo system

Both our Hortizone (BZG-certified) and our Aqualine (in-line/recirculation system) can be expanded for treatment of one or more silos. That way, we can make sure that we don’t miss a single drop in the entire circuit. This makes the Multisilo system ideally suitable for a completely closed water circuit. Our applications have already helped a variety of businesses in the Netherlands, Canada and the USA, and they are all enjoying the benefits of a complete water management system from Agrozone.

Our applications at a glance:

Water Treatment
Air Treatment
Odour control
Multisilo system from Agrozone for the best irrigation water quality
  • Maintain water quality in multiple silos
  • High-quality water available at all times
  • Increase oxygen
  • Complete water management system

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