Improving the quality of water and air

Greenhouse horticulture will undergo a major transition in the years ahead as hygiene and water quality become increasingly important. It will also have to contend with compulsory efficiency drives from the government. Agrozone helps ambitious horticulturists with this mission by giving them systems that can improve water and air quality.

Yield per m2 increased by up to 30%
Higher quality water improves yield and reduces waste.
Up to 100% recycled water
100% recycling of water for an emission-free greenhouse.
Cost savings accomplished
Reduced labour costs, failure costs and a reduction in the use of chemicals.

But how do you get there? And what can you do yourself? A tentative intermediate step is planned in 2023 to pave the way to 2027. Interested in what you should/could do? Download our white paper now!

Download the white paper:

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