CAVV Zuid Oost Salland, Haarle

As a regional mixed feed company, CAVV Zuid Oost Salland is a proud user of the Airline.

The problem

Expanded production may have given rise to an increase in odour nuisance in the surrounding area. Although legal compliance had already been ensured, CAVV was eager to take further odour reduction measures in the interest of its neighbours. A few years ago, CAVV invested in a larger and higher chimney on its roof to help reduce odour nuisance. This didn’t eliminate the odour, though; it just merely diluted it.

Our approach

Agrozone started with an inventory of the production process and associated parameters. It then mapped the layout of the air extraction pipes at the site and determined options for system deployment. Our unit (the Airline) was then fully designed and constructed in-house. On-site installation was accomplished within one to two weeks. No major modifications were needed to CAVV’s air duct. The oxidant ozone, which is produced on site in the Airline, is connected to the existing air ducts at an injection point. Control of the Airline is linked to the fan in the air ducts so that cold oxidation occurs only when air is discharged.

The Airline is connected to the existing air ducts at an injection point

The result

The Airline has completely eliminated all odour nuisance. ‘Our neighbours are very happy that we chose this approach’, explains Hans Verheul.  The Airline is a robust and affordable solution that is easy to deploy.

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