Den Berk Délice

As a regional mixed feed company, CAVV Zuid Oost Salland is a proud user of the Airline.

The problem

The foundation of the Den Berk group is partnership and passion for the product with an eye for craftsmanship, quality, innovation and corporate social responsibility. The famous dark Yoom tomato was awarded best product of 2020 - 2021 in Flanders. The snack tomato ‘pure Délice’, packed in familiar 500 gramme cylinders, exudes flavour and quality. Described in just one word: bespoke!

Our approach

Agrozone completed new Aqualine systems at five locations, varying in flow rates, type 400, 600 and 1,000. The aim was to take control of water quality as the basis for cultivation and bring about improvements. The treatment of water according to quality and origin. A unique assignment for a unique business, where quality, planning and follow-up needed to add value!

The result

Koen Lauwerijsen - Director Den Berk Délice

To be honest, choosing ozone wasn’t an easy decision to make. We started by consulting our advisor on the pros and cons and (of course) the Total Costs of Ownership. From our partners, we also require a certain level of customisation. In the case of Agrozone, it seemed that cooperation actually started once the system was commissioned. The process involved jointly looking at water quality so that we could identify the best solution as well as appropriate domestic and international analysis methods to monitor quality. That’s no easy task, but there’s a good deal to be gained from it. Despite the usual challenges of integration into our system landscape, the systems are working well.

More importantly, we’re working together to improve water quality by reporting on monitoring, oxygen concentrations, sample names, germ counts and yields. This gives us more control over this essential foundation.

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