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Hygiene is everything in water-based tulip growing. Ozone systems can help to improve quality.

The problem

Hygiene is everything in water-based tulip growing. Air and water quality help to determine cultivation. The better the hygiene levels, the lower the cost and waste. Ozone systems are capable of improving the quality of both air and water.

Our approach

Pure oxygen is produced from pressurised ambient air, which is also known as compressed-air. The ozone generator converts the oxygen to the natural gas ozone. Ozone (O3) is a natural gas which reverts to oxygen (O2) during the decomposition of organic compounds. This process increases the oxygen content in the water by as much as 300%.

The result

Ozone technology has helped to reduce waste considerably, while at the same time boosting quality. Improved hygiene has meant less waste and a lower cost price. Water can be difficult to manage, but ozone technology makes the process measurable and controllable. Bert Karel sees this reflected in his flower bulbs. ‘I no longer suffer from slime formation and I have a better and more stable crop with stronger roots’.

Source: Onder Glass

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