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When it comes to increasing crop yields by optimising water and air quality in the agricultural industry, we are your specialist

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When it comes to increasing crop yields by optimising water and air quality in the agricultural industry, Agrozone is your specialist.

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Agrozone is happy to work with its dealers and installers to carefully implement our systems within your business. Working with our dealers, we ensure the delivery of a properly functioning system.


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"Hygiene is everything in tulip spraying on water. Because of the ozone technology, I have less wastage and better quality. Better hygiene gives less failure and a lower cost price. Water is difficult to control, but this technique makes the process easily measurable and controllable. "I see that reflected in my bulbs. I no longer suffer from wilting and have a nicer and more stable crop with better roots."

Bert Karel
Charles Bulb Flowers

‘Additional oxygen offers a number of benefits. It promotes root development and nutrient absorption, which results in fuller and stronger vegetable plants for customers. We have taken a great leap forward in terms of plant quality’, Gipmans explains. ‘That’s why we also run clean spring water through the system. There is no need to decontaminate this water, but the additional oxygen certainly adds value. A second benefit is the lower biofilm growth in the water system. As a preventive measure to guard against this growth, hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) is also dosed at all locations. This would no longer appear to be necessary at the nursery operating the ozone system.’

René Gipmans
Gipmans Plant Nursery
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Improve your crop and increase your yield with innovative techniques for water and air.

Developing solutions from our clients' problem is our vision. We do this based on more than 30 years of experience in ozone and water technology and from our passion for cultivation.

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